The Hangover

thumbThat moment when your loved ones come to realize that you do not share some of their same views is brutal.  In their faces you can see their disapproval, the profound disappointment.  The next day everyone says hello but something is different.  You try to make yourself believe that you are seeing things but you just can’t shake that feeling.  You feel a hangover but not a hangover caused by an excess of alcohol but one of vulnerability.

This conversation marks a shift, maybe even a radical one, about how you are perceived.  And believe me, I know that I am making a lot of assumptions and everything is in my head for now.  I haven’t found peace with this yet.  I am still hungover.  I also know that this is because I am still a slave to my ego that wants to be liked and perceived as a good person and right now I think that I am perceived as a heretic but maybe I am.

But I am also a good person and I try to live my life with intention, to use my talents to be of service for the community at large and to allow myself to be guided by the energy of life that many people call God.  For me everything is sacred.  If I do not believe in hell or in a devil it is because I do not need to believe in those dogmas in order to be guided spiritually.  If I believed in a punishing God that would make it much more difficult for me to use every difficult moment as an opportunity for growth and learning.  For me the question is not “God why do you punish me?” but rather “God what is the lesson that I now need to learn?”  But I am sure that by now you must be thinking, “what does this have to do with being a parent?”

For me being a parent is one of the most sacred and intimate relationships.  It is sacred because as a mother/father I have the sacred responsibility to guide this soul in their own evolution.  What is it that I have come to understand about life that I want to now impart to my children?  I am now responsible for the messages that I allow to enter into their consciousness about God, about how life works, about their spiritual life.  A few months ago I heard the actress Kerry Washington talk and she said that she felt that she was an ambassador for her child.  What a beautiful way to see our role as parents, as ambassadors for these new souls.

The question I now ask of you and I would love to hear your thoughts:  As good ambassadors for your child(red), what is the lesson(s) that you most want to share with your child(ren)?  If you like this post and think it would be helpful to other parents hit a share button below to post on Facebook and/or Twitter.