Episode 9: Betsy & Josh (Part 1)

In this episode Paulo and Yesenia sat down with the creative powerhouse behind Born in June Creative, Betsy and Josh, to have a conversation about their experience at the 2017 Evolve Conference.   This is the first half of that conversation.  In this episode you will get to hear about how Betsy and Josh were raised, how their upbringing has informed their own life and parenting choices, the pressure to meet their parents expectations, and their parenting philosophy.  They also tackle gender roles, feminism, machismo and so much more.

If you have been listening to Betsy on her podcast, The Currently, and/or follow Josh on Instagram @nativedecay, you know that Betsy is an accomplished writer with a strong background in politics and Josh is a graphic artist.  But in this episode they put aside those roles and talk about their most sacred role as parents.

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Somos Padres
Episode 9: Betsy & Josh (Part 1)