Episode 42: Summer Series 2019- Ep.4: Reclaiming Our Power Thru Love

Yesenia is back this week for the fourth installment of the Summer Series.  Last week was a hard one with back to back mass shootings and the immigration raid.  It felt like a heavy load upon the Mexican and immigrant community.  But in the middle of all of this darkness, some light began to peak thru and this week Yesenia shares the different pieces of information that illuminated the way back to her inner power.  The answer is always love.  Below are the videos that were a part of her journey this week.

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Eddie Gaude Jr. MSNBC Clip “This is on us”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Speech “We will love you back"

Episode 42: Summer Series 2019- Ep.4: Reclaiming Our Power Thru Love

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