Episode 37: Thoughts on the College Cheating Scandal

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In this episode Paulo and Yesenia start off by sharing an update on their whereabouts these past few weeks and in particular their key takeaways after going to see Marianne Williamson and Eckhart Tolle last weekend.  But Yesenia and Paulo quickly get to the topic at hand which is to reflect on the recent College Cheating Scandal involving about 50 people including parents, ACT/SAT exam proctors, college coaches, to name a few.  Paulo and Yesenia talk about their initial reaction to the scandal in the news and then how their thoughts about the situation began to shift as they began to see it from other angles, ultimately leading them to think about the education system itself and question their own parenting choices. 

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Somos Padres
Episode 37: Thoughts on the College Cheating Scandal