Episode 19: Dr. Renee Lemus Elisaldez

Welcome to the next episode of Somos Padres. In this episode Yesenia visits Dr. Renee Lemus Elisaldez to sit down and have a conversation that she has been longing to have. Dr. Lemus Elisaldez is a college professor in the Los Angeles area in the field of Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is also a certified yoga teacher specializing in prenatal & postnatal yoga and body positive yoga but today the conversation was all about motherhood. Dr. Lemus Elisaldez takes us along as she shares how an assignment on motherhood for her college students turned into an assignment for herself. This first step led her down a path that helped her to rethink her own notions of motherhood and heal some old resentments she was carrying. This is a wonderful episode to listen to if you have never thought about motherhood from a historical perspective and how history has had its direct impact on the generational patterns embedded within our families and the way in which we were mothered.

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Episode 19: Dr. Renee Lemus Elisaldez