Episode 17: Meet Nancy & Nelson (Part 1)

Somos Padres is finally back!!!  In this episode Paulo and Yesenia give an update on their lives and what brought about their podcast hiatus.  Paulo and Yesenia also share their next interview with fellow padres, Nancy and Nelson.  Yesenia and Nancy met thru Instagram and decided they wanted to meet but found out that Nancy lives in South San Francisco while Yesenia lives in the Los Angeles area.  But as fate would have it Paulo and Yesenia were in San Francisco for Paulo’s birthday.  During the recent trip they decided to meet in real life (IRL) and this wonderful podcast episode was born.  Get ready to get deep as Nancy and Nelson talk about their upbringing, how they met and how they overcame their normal young love challenges, what woke them up to start working on their own self-development and Nancy shares a tough conversation that she was brave enough to have.  Nancy and Nelson have been married for 17 years and are parents to two beautiful children so they have lots of wisdom to drop so get ready!   FYI, this is just the first part of the conversation.  Stay tuned for Part 2!

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Somos Padres
Episode 17: Meet Nancy & Nelson (Part 1)