Episode 16: The Enneagram

Disclaimer: This is not the typical parenting conversation that we usually create but it is an offering of information for anyone seeking tools to better understand themselves and others. Due to technical difficulties this post has been republished.

In this episode Paulo and Yesenia sit down with Barbara Andrade Dubransky to talk about the Enneagram, a personality construct which includes nine personality types. Barbara has been learning about the Enneagram for almost 18 years after being recruited by a co-worker to take the Enneagram test as part of a research study. Barbara provides a general understanding of the Enneagram, its origins and briefly goes over the nine Enneagram types. Barbara also shares some of the deeper work that she has done on herself as a result of learning about the Enneagram and how she uses the knowledge in her every day relationships.

Paulo and Yesenia also recently took the Enneagram test and Barbara talks to them about their Enneagram type and what they should keep in mind based on their types. If you are looking for a way of understanding yourself and the people in your life a little better, then this introduction to the Enneagram may be helpful!

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Episode 16: The Enneagram