Episode 11: When We Disagree

In this episode Paulo and Yesenia share what happened for them recently when they did not agree on how to parent. Listen to them reflect on the moment and share how they got thru it as well as their key takeaways for their relationship. Co-parenting is not easy, especially when you disagree on how to handle a parenting situation. If you are wondering how other couples handle those tense and challenging moments, this episode is for you!

Key Takeaways:
• Do not try to resolve a disagreement when you are still angry. Find a way to each get calm and then have a reflective conversation.
• Blaming each other is not helpful and can lead to you feeling like you are not on the same team.
• Disagreements are going to happen. Remember that you each have a valid point of view and are here to help each other grow.

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Somos Padres
Episode 11: When We Disagree