Episode 10: Betsy & Josh (Part 2)

In this episode Paulo and Yesenia share the second half of the conversation with the creative powerhouse behind Born in June Creative, Betsy and Josh, to have a conversation about their experience at the 2017 Evolve Conference.  In this episode you will get to hear what Betsy and Josh knew about conscious parenting before the conference, their key takeaways and what has shifted for them since.

If you were able to listen to the first half of the conversation, you know that Betsy and Josh are committed life long learners who have really taken the time to work on their own personal development.  Over the three-day Evolve conference they focused their attention on parenting and you do not want to miss what was most impactful for them.

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Somos Padres
Episode 10: Betsy & Josh (Part 2)