Episode 41: Summer Series 2019- Ep.3: Can we evolve on our own?

In this weeks episode of the summer series Yesenia asks the question of whether or not we can evolve along our parenting journey on our own.  The answer is probably obvious.  No, we cannot, but this conversation is still incredibly personal and heartfelt as Yesenia shares her personal journey to seek out help, the internalized judgement and stigma surrounding seeking help and the way in which nature teaches us that we all need each other.  Yesenia also shares how the episode is in synchronicity with the recent return of Paulo from completing his first Vipassana meditation retreat and the important lesson that this brought her and shaped the message of the episode.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your parenting evolution!  May we all be happy and free.

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Episode 41: Summer Series 2019- Ep.3: Can we evolve on our own?

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