Our Intention

We created SOMOS PADRES to connect with all parents who raise their hands and can honestly say “parenting is not easy!”  What can feel even harder is deciding to parent in a way that is different from your family/friends! We hope that by sharing our experiences we can be of service to anyone looking for potentially different ways to parent.  If nothing else we want to empower you to know that you have the right to parent however you want (as long as it is not abusive, of course); you are the expert on your family and you should parent in a way that feels good to you and your child(ren) – irregardless of whether or not others will agree with your parenting choices.  We believe that everyone is doing the very best that they can with the life experiences and understanding that we each have.  That is why here we want to share with you all of the information that we can which will hopefully support you in your own evolution as a parent.  Here we are not trying to convince you to follow our parenting philosophy or any other parenting philosophy.  We want to share information that may help you strengthen your own parenting philosophy.  

We want you to know that you are not alone in wanting to be the very best parent possible for your kiddos.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your parenting evolution!!!

About Us

Hello!  My name is Yesenia and I am pretty obsessed with the topic of parenting.  I was born in Central California, Tulare County.  My parents are farmworkers who immigrated from Mexico.  My parents taught me early on how to work in the fields, picking grapes in the summer and oranges in the winter.  I later went on to receive my Bachelors from the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) and my Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California (USC).  But even with all of that formal education nothing fully prepared me to be a parent.

I remember the exact moment when I knew that the way that we were parenting our children was not working.  My oldest, Paulito, who was five years old at the time had just hit his little sister who was three, Vicky, for what seemed to me to be no reason at all and I asked him to leave the room because I did not want to spank him.  After a few minutes I could hear Pauito who was in the hallway sitting at the top of our stairs.  He was hitting his head against the wall and I could hear him saying: “Why can’t I do anything right? I don’t know how to do anything right.  No one loves me.  I always do everything wrong”.  Remembering that moment I feel shame and sadness.  In that moment I decided that I was going to look for other ways to parent our children.  I hope that sharing the information that we have gained along the way will be of help to other parents.


Hi.  My name is Paulo and I am trying to become obsessed with parenting.  But, as a high school teacher I am reminded on a daily basis how the way in which we parent our children can impact their learning in school.  I was born in Michoacan Mexico, and together with my parents and six brothers we came to this country when I was 13 years old.  We worked for many years following the harvest of the cherry through the states of California and Washington.  It was there that I learned about the opportunities that education can offer and I decided to continue my education.  I received my Bachelor’s from the University of California, Davis and my Master’s in Education from the University of Loyola Marymount of Los Angeles.  But even so, no university education would prepare me for the greatest challenge of all…parenting.

I have decided to be a part of this forum because now that I am a father I realize that the way that I was trying to educate my children, in particular my son, was not working.  One afternoon while driving home from work my son who was three at the time was crying incessantly.  I would give him one toy and then another and then a snack but my son would not stop crying.  So then I pulled into a parking lot and I proceeded to spank him because I believed at that time that he needed to cry for a reason since he wouldn’t stop crying with anything that I gave him.  The next day the same thing happened.  I was about to pull over again to spank him when I heard, in between his wailing, “sing papi, sing papi, sing papi”.  I asked him if he wanted to sing and he raised his head in agreement.  I felt horrible after that day.  I reflected on my actions and I knew that I had made an error.  I knew that I did not have the tools to navigate through that moment with my son.  From that moment on I have begun learning other ways to interact with our children and I hope to share those with you here where I hope that the information shared will be helpful to other parents who are looking to try other ways of parenting.